Saturday, January 29, 2011


Tonight I'm reminded that we should all be brave! Not because we are perfect or what we are going to do or say is perfect, but because the only way we get better at something is to take a chance!

If we never took our first step, we would not be walking.  We would look stupid crawling around as adults! Yet, we keep all our talents to ourselves, scared to show them to the world. We might get criticized. We might get laughed at. We might do it all wrong! But, at least we started. We launched! We did something!!  There is always room to improve, but if we never start, then we simply never get any better.  So, get out there and take a chance. Do something brave!

Here is my friend doing something brave. She has been learning guitar for about a year. I didn't even know that she sang, and she even wrote the song. Why? Because it was important to her!! I love that. And, she is an extremely shy young lady, so this is HUGE in my book!

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