Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am Addicted

Who knew? I certainly did not. I mean, after all, I didn't think I consumed that much caffeine! Really!

Somewhere around 32 hours was all I lasted without caffeine. That is terrible. Usually, when I give up my coffee and tea, I have a small headache, feel a bit sluggish, but otherwise I'm okay.  But this time, OMG! I was out to lunch for most of the day, in a fog, head was spinning, and not to mention I almost feel asleep driving! It was that bad from one day without coffee and tea.

I recently watched a documentary that was discussing eating healthy. One of the things they mentioned was people being so dependant on caffeine they really did not know how nutrient deficient they were.  (We are getting our energy from caffeine rather than nutrients.) That comment didn't sink in until yesterday! I had no energy and felt terrible.

I thought after a good nights sleep, today would be better. WRONG! It got progressively worse as the morning went on. Sadly, this morning I had to give in to a small cup of coffee. Instantly, my head was better. Such a sad state of affairs that I'm addicted to caffeine.  Next time, I guess I better ween off the caffeine before I decide to go on a caffeine fast! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Activate Your Tools!

That is the message I got loud and clear last night.

God has given us tools, we need to use them!

Many times, I sit and lament about the trials of this life. There is too much month at the end of the money, too many health complications, and the list goes on.

I pray, "God, please get me out of this situation!" And, it seems like nothing really changes. Lack of motivation sets in, and I stop doing what I know to do.

Yesterday, I did two small, seemingly insignificant things:

I tithed a whooping $10, and I prayed for my husband (in person, not behind closed doors).

Then, as I was trying to go to sleep last night, I felt like God was showing me the people in my church were all under  some kind of an attack...everyone!  I began to picture their faces, one by one, and their trials.  I knew my family had certainly been experiencing some spiritual warfare, but had not really looked beyond myself and seen the trials everyone else was up against.

Then, I got this overwhelming sensation to start praying and fasting.

I remembered the tools that God had given me. And, I thought, "You idiot! Why have you not done this sooner?"

Honestly, I hadn't done it sooner because I hadn't felt lead to do it. I hadn't felt moved by God in quite some time to do much of anything spiritually.

Activate your tools! That is what God was showing me.

We have prayer, fasting, tithing, reading the word, gathering with the body of Christ, and more. When we do these things, we guard ourselves agains the attack of the enemy.

It is our protection!

We need to do it and do more of it. By dropping my seeming small $10 in the offering plate, it was half of all the money I had at that moment. I was activating a little faith. Then, by praying with my husband, I was binding up our marriage, standing in the gap with him, letting him know that I believed in him, encouraging him, and simply doing for him what I would want him to do for me if I was feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders.

Those two small things, opened a flood gate in the spiritual world.

Today, I've begun a fast of fruit and water. (You can fast anything..it doesn't have to be food!)  I'm going to try to make it one week.

I am praying for my immediate family as well as my church family.  I want us to rise up and call ourselves blessed and highly favored of the Lord because he is our refuge in times of trouble! I'm tied of the enemy stealing our joy!


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