Friday, December 10, 2010

Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is Near

Ah, that verse? Really??  Keep reading!

What feeling or thought comes to mind when you hear that verse? Honestly, for me, I have had mixed emotions about that verse for a long time...until this week. Now, I'm going around saying to myself, "Repent, the kingdom of heaven is near," and it brings a smile to my face.

One of the ways I've seen this verse was futuristic...Jesus is coming back soon, better get my life in order...oh my goodness!  But, what Jesus meant when he said this verse was literally, the kingdom is near...standing right in front of you! How much nearer can it get! Jesus was standing there, offering people none other than heaven itself.

God would now  live on the inside of his people. No more long treks to the temple. No more cleansing themselves before they could even come close to God. He would now live on the inside of them! Awesome news for them and us.

I'm so glad he lives on the inside of me, being my comforter, being my peace, my joy!  While I love to go to church, I'm glad he doesn't only reside in church...but in my heart...where I can access him anytime....whether I'm clean or dirty, full of sin or repented. He is there!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Fresh Anointing

This week, I was reminded how important it is to abide in Jesus.  Abiding in our saviour is more for our good than his. Maybe it is difficult to find time to spend with Him, but even if I have time, sometimes I don't have my focus where it needs to be. I can't concentrate on God's word. I'm distracted for a variety of reasons. But, I love a fresh anointing.

It usually comes through brokenness, or in my case, extreme frustration! When I am ready to bang my head against the wall, give up, throw something...which I don't encourage...God shows up. Not right at that moment. But, usually a little later, after I've calmed down.  I think it is because I've left nothing on the table. There is no guessing about how I feel, I've laid it all out, usually in a not-so-pretty way.  He comes and picks up the pieces and says, "Now I can work!"

Once I get out of his way, he can come with a fresh anointing, a fresh perspective, a breath of fresh air.  I can't stand that I work myself into a point of frustration, but sometimes that is life, that is real. And, I appreciate when people are real and even broken with me, so why would our God not appreciate the same truthfulness. He doesn't need our fake smiles, our "everything is fine today" words, he needs us to come humbly before his throne.  After I have humbled myself, or been humbled by life's circumstances, it seems only then that I am able to fully abide in Jesus.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When it Rains it Pours

Why is it when life gets hard, circumstances stack up against us, life takes its toll, we abandon everything we know to be true in Christ? Do we feel that he has failed us in some way? Do we feel like “well, I prayed and my situation is the same, so oh well!”?

Life is a challenge sometimes. And, when it rains it pours. As I get older, that has become a truth in my life! Does that make our God any less? Does that make the bible any less true? You know what I’m going to say: No!

He is the Son of God and man. He sees us right where we are. He loves us…right where we are…whether it is in a heap of life’s circumstances or a heap of trouble, or even the death of a loved one. God is still God. His word is still true. He didn’t say when we turned our lives over to him it would be rosy and perfect. We are still human, living under the curse that Adam and Eve set before us in the garden. But, we have a Savior! We have a redeemer, a comforter. And, when life gets to hard to bear, turn to Jesus. Let him comfort you. Let him love on you. Does it change your physical circumstances? Maybe not, but it definitely changes the way you see those circumstances. Praise his name….even when it seems impossible. His name is great…and greatly to be praised. If all you can say is “Jesus”, it’s enough!


Welcome to my blog! It's nothing fancy, nothing super theological, just a little encouragement. I hope it serves to encourage those trying to walk the walk of Christianity. It's a tough walk and sometimes lonely walk. But, encouragement is out there, you just have to remember to look for it! (Hint: the bible is the first place you should look!)

Disclaimer: I am not schooled in theology. I don't claim to know every section of my bible inside and out. I'm just human...trying to live in the shadow of my Jesus. Oh, and I will shamelessly promote Christian singers, speakers, and events, etc., that I love! So, if that offends you in anyway, please don't read my blog. 

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