Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am Addicted

Who knew? I certainly did not. I mean, after all, I didn't think I consumed that much caffeine! Really!

Somewhere around 32 hours was all I lasted without caffeine. That is terrible. Usually, when I give up my coffee and tea, I have a small headache, feel a bit sluggish, but otherwise I'm okay.  But this time, OMG! I was out to lunch for most of the day, in a fog, head was spinning, and not to mention I almost feel asleep driving! It was that bad from one day without coffee and tea.

I recently watched a documentary that was discussing eating healthy. One of the things they mentioned was people being so dependant on caffeine they really did not know how nutrient deficient they were.  (We are getting our energy from caffeine rather than nutrients.) That comment didn't sink in until yesterday! I had no energy and felt terrible.

I thought after a good nights sleep, today would be better. WRONG! It got progressively worse as the morning went on. Sadly, this morning I had to give in to a small cup of coffee. Instantly, my head was better. Such a sad state of affairs that I'm addicted to caffeine.  Next time, I guess I better ween off the caffeine before I decide to go on a caffeine fast! 

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