Sunday, December 11, 2011

Why I Think Blogs are Good

Tonight I spent way to much time reading blogs that I had never heard of before tonight. A google search for enchiladas took me here. And somehow from there I ended up over here. Not quite sure how that happened, but it has been happening a lot lately. (I guess the search engines are doing better at picking up blogs.)

I'm a little late to the blog world. I knew they existed, have read a few, but really didn't know the volume of information and sharing that was going on until more recent. Tonight, the blog of a very sick (as in ill, not weird) young lady really touched my heart. Not because of her profound wisdom, but her humor. She is finding ways to make others laugh while she is in so much pain.

Gives ya that warm fuzzy feeling!

What has struck me the most about these blogs is the connectivity they give people. Wether it is someone so sick they can't leave the house, or just someone who has been through a similar situation, blogs are helping people connect and share. This is beautiful to me.  But also, what I love, is that people are so real and transparent. I'm growing more fond of the amateur blogger than the professional, studious writer. These people crack me  up, give me hope, help me find great recipes and ideas, and simply make me feel like I've shared coffee with a friend and caught up on their life.

In one way, I realize I don't know these people and there is a false sense of reality going on. I get that. But their stories are real. Their hurt and suffering is real. So, I approach it like I would if I were sitting across the table from them. I take it all in, process it, try to leave encouraging comments.

Another one's life turns out quite like they had planned. No one plans on getting sick and losing their independence or moving back in with their parents! No one expects to lose a parent at the age of 9. No one expects to go get coffee one morning and fall down and break their leg in the process! (Yes, that one was me!) So, we play the hand we are dealt. We adjust and readjust to the new us! Like it or not, we do it. We make it. We persevere. Yes, there are dark days, frustrating days, but we press on because tomorrow is a new day.

Count your blessings because things can certainly change in the blink of an eye. And, when they do, the blog world is certain to have someone going through something similar. :)

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