Monday, April 25, 2011

Time With God

One great thing about being a mature Christian woman is knowing when you are lacking in your relationship with the Lord! (that is a joke - but a true statement - maybe minus the mature part!)

Yes, I know I've not spent the time I need to spend with my Jesus and I'm suffering because of it. How do I know this? Because I'm frustrated and edgy, but most of all, I'm longing. Longing to spend time with a precious friend that fills a huge void in my life.  I'm empty. I'm spinning my wheels with no return.

Nothing in my life gives back like time spent with God. Nothing. Time with family and friends does my heart good, but time with Jesus fills me up. It gives me perspective to deal with everything else. And, I'm missing that. My filter is clogged!

So, the answer (remember, I'm mature so I know the answer! lol) is to find some time to carve out and spend with the Lord. My problem is I don't want just any time. I want that fresh, uninterrupted morning hour. I also want extra time to wallow in His glory, not be whisked away with morning interruptions!   Unless I want to get up really really early, mornings are just crazy at my house. So, there in lies my problem - I'm too picky! The result - I'm not getting the quality time I need, and I'm suffering.

How do you carve out time for Jesus? Are you as picky as me?

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